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537A Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
164 (VEL Lab) Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center

I'm Mojtaba, a Ph.D. candidate who works under supervision of Dr. Shannon Quinn in the Computer Science Department of The University of Georgia. Previously, I got my Doctorate in Business Administration from University of Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, before that I got my master in Artificial Intelligence in Iran. My minor is in mathematics, and my current research entails the development of computational pipelines to examine multiscale spatiotemporal dynamics of biological systems under different conditions. My dissertation focuses on how these spatiotemporal changes can be quantified and modeled to predict how the system under observation will respond to certain stimuli (drugs, pathogens, toxins). Currently I'm going to develop new deep computational architectures to incorporate novel unsupervised object detection and probabilistic object tracking.

Research Interests:

Distributed computing, deep learning, computer vision and bioimaging, biosurveillance, and public health informatics.

Dissertation/Thesis Title:
SUBMiT: Scalable and Unsupervised Biomedical Motion Tracking
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