The Computer Science Department does not accept ALEKS scores as a pre-requisite for CSCI 1301 Introduction to Computing and Programming.  Students will need to have established credit for MATH 1113 Pre-calculus or an exemption from MATH 1113 via the UGA Mathematics Exemption Placement Test or the AP exam.  ALEKS alone does not provide credit for or exemption from MATH 1113.

The UGA Mathematics Exemption Placement Test is administered by University Testing Services.  It is a 26-question test that is used to determine placement in mathematics courses and can only be taken once.  Students who score 16 or higher will earn an exemption for MATH 1113 and be able to register for CSCI 1301.    

Students may sign up to take the Mathematics Exemption Placement Test at Orientation, or may take it at any time prior to the beginning of classes.  For more information about testing visit: and