Computing, Ethics, and Society

information technology. Topics include privacy, intellectual property, open source software, the digital divide, globalization, professional ethics, social justice issues, and current events. Students should have a working knowledge of personal computing.

This course will be taught 95% or more online. The course content is delivered fully online; students will utilize the features of eLC and other tools to access a variety of experiences involving text and multimedia presentations of content. Intensive practice, online discussion, and expert support. Proctored exams will also be offered through a combination of online and in-person proctored sessions, which may have proctoring fees associated with them.

Not offered on a regular basis.



Credit Hours:
ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E
Duplicate Credit:
ot open to students with credit in CSCI 3030 or CSCI 3030H