Simulation and Modeling

The modeling and simulation of existing or planned systems for the purpose of studying their correctness, reliability, or performance. Topics to be addressed include discrete-event simulation, continuous simulation, analysis and modeling methodologies, animation, virtual reality, and Web-based simulation.

In this course, we will study complex dynamic systems, examining their performance, reliability, etc. The reason for doing this is to improve such systems either in the design phase (before a costly system is built) or the operation phase (tune or upgrade). A simulation model may be used for such studies. It is an approximation of the complex system that captures its essential properties and often mimics the behavior of the actual system. Behavior is studied by carrying out multiple runs of the simulation model to produce statistical outputs of properties such as system response time or throughput. Further insight into system behavior can be gained by animating the model. The course will involve a major project to create a simulation model of a system chosen by the project group (2 students). The model will be created using Java 6.0 and parts of JSIM, a simulation system coded in Java.

Not offered on a regular basis.


Credit Hours:
CSCI 2720
Course Information File:
CIS_CSCI_4210.pdf (170.02 KB)