Advanced Topics in Information Systems

Advanced topics in information systems and databases. The two major issues dealt with are: (1) information integration and interoperability, and (2) novel database technologies. The first addresses the integration of autonomous and heterogeneous resources managing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The second deals with the query formulation, and processing on heterogeneous content. Special attention will be given to emerging research areas fueled by the Web and related technologies.

In this course you will learn what the Semantic Web is, and what its advocates believe it will eventually be able to do. You will be introduced to many useful Semantic Web languages and tools. In addition, other Semantic Web related topics such as web services, peer-to-peer systems and social networking will be discussed.

Not offered on a regular basis.


Credit Hours:
CSCI 4370/6370 or CSCI 4050/6050