Friday, January 31, 2020 - 10:12am
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CS major David DiGioia won third place for his video on knot theory titled, “Can any knot be untied? Intro to knot theory and tricolorability.” This submission is an animation which demonstrates a method of proving that some knots cannot be untied. It uses the idea of tricolorability which comes from the mathematical study of knots. David’s hope is that the video will spark interest in mathematical proofs for those that are unfamiliar and provide an informative and entertaining video for those that are.

Here is a link to the video:

David’s submission was not the only one related to Computer Science. The following contest participants are either CS majors or submitted entries related to CS topics.

• Jonathan Vance (Grad.)

• Ann-Alyse Kebler (Undergrad.)

• Jonathan Ha (Undergrad.)

• Logan Mooney (Undergrad.)

• Wesley Allen Witter (Undergrad.)

• Viet Nguyen (Undergrad.)

• Jeffery John & Lindsey McCabe (Undergrad.)

• Rodrigo Campos, Lucas Kessler, and Richard Morris (Undergrad.)

• Mason Jones (Grad.)

The 2019 UGA Libraries Capturing Science Contest challenged UGA students to communicate STEM concepts using any media or genre. The contest received 54 submissions, including games, music, visual art, creative writing, poetry, videos, demos, displays, virtual reality, and even social media. Entries were evaluated by judges according to the following criteria: clarity of expression, creativity, and appeal to a broad audience. All 2019 contest submissions can be found here: